The beginning of the second hour we gather all the friends for karate instruction and Bushido board breaking. Following the karate class, the student will be seated on a throne to open presents. The final event of the party is when the honorary birthday black belt cuts the cake with a real samurai sword!

Does the student wear their karate uniform?

It’s not recommended.

How do you pay?

We take cash, check, and credit cards​

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How much does a Karate Birthday Party Cost?

$225 (Each additional child is $10) 

How much notice do I need to give and is there a deposit?

We require 1 month notice and a $50 non-refundable deposit.

Who does the clean up?

We do. We help you celebrate your best karate party ever, then you leave the clean up to us.

Who is responsible for the invitations? 

We have generic karate postcard size invitations at no additional cost.

What should I bring? 

Food, Drinks, Cake, Candles, and Ice Cream (freezer is available)

What does the party involve?

The school is decorated with balloons. The first hour is floor games and balloon games. ​

What age do you provide Birthdays Parties?

5 years old and up

How many friends are they allowed to have?

Up to 18

Birthday Parties... KARATE STYLE!​