In teaching, he communicates in a way that it is understood that karate is about self-defense. He communicates to kids respect, manners, and responsibility through karate training and at the same time have fun. He wants the students to be confident, so he gives them praise to lift them up. His faith in Jesus Christ gives him the wisdom, guidance, and confidence to teach karate.

Shihan Jimmy Falbo - 5th Degree - Head Instructor

Mr. Falbo began karate in 1974, received his first degree black belt in 1978, began Florida Super Fights, Inc. in 1978. Received his 2nd degree in 1982, 3rd degree in 1986, 4th degree in 1998, and 5th degree in 2003. 

His instructor is Hirioki Toyama. He attributes his teaching and training skills to hundreds of seminars conducted by various black belts, organizations and other certification organizations. These seminars included conducting kids' and adult classes, self-defense, kata, breaking, self-confidence, tournament competition, weapons, and high energy motivational classes for both students and instructors.

Mrs. Falbo - 1st Degree Black Belt - Program Director

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